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City of Victoria top earners' salaries revealed

Public Bodies Report releases information on salaries greater than $75,000

The elite club of staff earning more than $150,000 at the City of Victoria jumped from eight in 2010 to 15 last year.

The increase is due partly to the fact that non-unionized staff, such as directors and managers, receive the same annual increase as unionized staff, as determined through union negotiations.

There is also a newcomer on the list: city lawyer Tomasz Zworski was hired in May 2010, making 2011 his first full salaried year with the city. He earned $196,605, making him the third-highest earner, after city manager Gail Stephens ($231,452) and newly-appointed lead on the Johnson Street Bridge, Peter Sparanese ($227,258).

The remuneration of all employees earning more than $75,000 is published every June in a document called the Public Bodies Report. The list does not include police salaries.

Meanwhile, re-elected councillors – who held office throughout 2011 – earned $39,886. Mayor Dean Fortin earned $99,714. Expenses for the year varied widely, from a low of $32.10 claimed by Coun. Pam Madoff, to a high of $12,157, claimed by Coun. Christopher Coleman.

Top salaried employees at City of Victoria in 2011:


Gail Stephens -- mayor, managers: $231,452

Peter Sparanese -- mayor, managers: $227,258

Tomasz Zworski -- mayor, manager: $196,605

Robert Woodland -- legislative and regulatory services: $180,400

Deborah Day -- planning and development: $178,333

Kathryn Friars -- parks, recreation and culture: $176,332

Wael Fanous -- mayor, managers: $175,682

Brenda Warner -- finance: $171,464

Jocelyn Jenkyns -- conference centre: $169,149

Dwayne Kalynchuk -- engineering and public works: $168,591

Mark Cline -- fire: $168,357

Kevin Greig -- mayor, managers: $166,713

Trina Harrison -- human resources: $165,690

Doug Angrove -- fire: $150,921

Michael Lai -- engineering and public works: $150,056