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Colwood OK's backyard birds

Rules for chickens in the city laid out in new bylaw

Colwood council has passed the bylaw allowing backyard chickens and other poultry to be kept on residential lots.

Owners of lots between 55 square metres and 4,000 sq. m (one acre) will be allowed to keep up to four chickens in a secure, fenced enclosure. Roosters will not be allowed in sites under 4,000 sq. m.

Mayor Carol Hamilton said the change came as a response to what the city has been hearing from residents for years. City staff looked into the potential effects on the community and consulted with the public before recommending passage of the bylaw.

“We’re good to go,” Hamilton said. “Four chickens in (that size of lot) is not an onerous number. I think it’s pretty good, as long as people don’t try to turn four into 40.”

The response has been predominately positive throughout the process, Hamilton said, adding the rules surrounding the bylaw should address any concerns. “I think we’re going to hear that it’s a good thing and we probably won’t even notice it or see anything going on.”

For the full regulations, contact the City of Colwood at 250-478-5999 or visit



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