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Corvette impounded in Saanich after driver caught going 50 km/h over limit

Saanich police clock driver going 100 km/h in 50-zone
Saanich police impounded a Corvette on Thursday (March 11) afternoon after the driver was caught going 100 km/h in 50 zone. (Saanich Police/Twitter)

The driver of a white Corvette will be spending some time without their wheels after getting caught going 50 km/h over the speed limit in Saanich.

On Thursday afternoon, the Saanich Police Department took to Twitter to share a photo of a sleek Corvette impounded on Highway 1 just outside Uptown Shopping Centre.

According to officers, the driver was caught going 100 km/h in an area where the posted limit is 50 km/h.

“Nice day for a nice ride in a nice car,” police wrote, referencing the sunny weather. “Just remember to watch your speed.”

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Per the Motor Vehicle Act, drivers caught going more than 40 km/h over the posted speed limit are considered to be excessively speeding – an offence that can come with a ticket of up to $483, three penalty points and a week-long vehicle impound.

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