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Crack repairs on streets across Greater Victoria touted as ‘municipal street art’

Complaints of tar on pets and cars are making residents angry
Residents across Greater Victoria are calling crack repairs on roads “municipal street art.” (Facebook/Scott Wood)

Residents across Greater Victoria are treating recent street crack repairs with mixed responses.

Municipalities have been repairing roads with thick black scribbles of tar, and while the designs could be described anywhere from ugly to quirky, some Facebook users have touted the work as “municipal street art.”

While infrastructural repairs are seen by most as necessary, others are having problems with the seemingly unfinished tar, which is still tacky.

"This is a street in Langford today as well. We should start a petition to have crack sealing banned in the greater Victoria area," said Josh Lloyd (Facebook/Esquimalt Community Connection)

“Filling in cracks I get but wow,” said Esquimalt resident Scott Wood on Facebook’s Esquimalt Community Connection group. “It’s all over my truck and my dogs [sic] feet.”

Residents from Rockland to Langford have also reported creative repairs, and even noted seeing smiley-face tar in the past.

While several people suggested placing formal complaints, others looked on the bright side that at least they weren’t painted bright yellow.

Public Works Esquimalt was contacted about the sticky tar repairs but did not respond to requests for comments by the time of writing.

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