‘King of Egypt’ attracts police attention

Salt Spring man faces charges of violating court orders

Claiming you’re the king of Egypt won’t necessarily get you the royal treatment.

Two Victoria patrol officers spotted a man outside a Johnson Street night club on Jan 10 at 2:30 a.m., swearing at passersby and nightclub staff.

He was “telling anyone who would listen that he was the ‘king of Egypt.’ He appeared to be intoxicated,” John Ducker, Victoria deputy police chief, wrote on the department’s online operations blog.

A record check revealed the man was restricted by court orders not to consume alcohol or possess liquor. He was arrested and searched, during which police say they found a box-cutter knife. The man had also been ordered by the court not to possess knives.

The arrest went downhill from there. When the suspect was handcuffed and placed in a police cruiser, he allegedly attempted to kick out the car windows and security partition. Officers removed him, and a struggle ensued.

The following morning it took a team of police officers and sheriffs deputies to place the uncooperative suspect in a van for transport to the courthouse.

Investigators say the accused, a 58-year-old Salt Spring man, has more than 300 entries on file with various police services. He now faces two charges of violating court orders.