Navy showcases coastal defence power off Victoria shores

A naval battle is taking shape not far from Victoria shores.

Involving only good guys, the Trident Fury training exercise will put crews through their paces on board most of Canada’s West Coast fleet, some Seakings, American naval vessels and helicopters, as well as the U.S. coast guard.

The large-scale training mission, which began Monday and will continue until May 14, involves at least 1,000 military personnel every two years. This year, Maritime Forces Pacific at CFB Esquimalt is hosting the exercise.

As low-flying choppers and large and small ships navigate the waters of Constance Bank and the approaches to the Victoria and Esquimalt harbours, more action will be taking place beneath the water.

Submersibles and divers will be working to cut the lines of mines below the surface, a sample of the mock scenarios taking place.

The exercise allows the allies to work together and improve their tactical efficiency.