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Overcooked food draws full firefighter response

Victoria Fire Department responds to pots left on stoves a dozen times a week

It was the simplest mistake, but required a full contingent of firefighters and fire trucks to resolve.

The resident of an apartment in the 1300-block of Yates St. called Victoria Fire Department when a suite filled with smoke at 7:30 p.m. Monday. The culprit: a pot left cooking on the stove too long.

“It was a call about a structure fire, but when we got there it was just a pot left on the stove,” said Capt. Steve Meikle.

Three fire engines, a ladder truck, a rescue truck and the battalion chief’s vehicle were all called to the building. In the end, the only work required was ventilating the suite with open windows.

“These happen half a dozen to a dozen times a week,” Meikle said, referring to cooking left too long, or people leaving their homes while the stove is still on.

There was no damage in the incident.


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