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Resident votes to determine which Victoria neighbourhood projects receive funding

$50,000 available for eight possible neighbourhood spaces
Street murals are one of the eight community project options Victoria residents can vote on to receive city funding. (Courtesy City of Victoria)

The futures of eight possible community projects in Victoria are up to residents to determine.

With $50,000 in funding from the City of Victoria available, residents are being asked to vote on which of the neighbourhood-enhancing propositions they’d like to see come to life.

The eight projects are divided into two categories: smaller-scale ones vying for funding between $1,000 and $7,500, and larger-scale ones hoping for between $7,500 and $20,000.

The lower-cost projects include a downtown mural by BIPOC artists, a Waddington Alley mural by youth living at a supportive housing project, disc golf pop-up events in local parks, and an outdoor community hub at Dockside Green.

The higher-cost projects include an Oaklands Park pop-up movie theatre, mobile theatre performances and short-docs, two street murals by Indigenous artists, and pop-up opera performances.

The voting process is part of the city’s participatory budget initiative, which offers residents a greater say in where their tax dollars go. They have until Nov. 19 to vote on their favourite projects.

More information on each of the projects and how to vote can be found at

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