Student dealer arrested for selling pot

A student was expelled from Victoria High School after being arrested for selling drugs to his classmates.

Undercover police officers bought drugs from a man in a James Bay park Feb. 1.

It started when a school liaison officer learned a student was selling to classmates. School staff helped police identify a suspect.

There is “no evidence he was dealing on school property, but there is evidence that he was available to other students if they wanted drugs,” said Sgt. Grant Hamilton, a Victoria police spokesperson.

Following the arrest, an investigation by VicPD’s street crime and strike force units brought officers to an apartment in the 100-block of Menzies Street, where police found 2.5 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of $6,500 and $3,190 cash.

The suspect told officers the marijuana had a high potency value. The stash was seized.

The 19-year-old suspect was released. His next court appearance is March 14. No name was released.