Teens robbed after bear spray threat

Two groups of boys having scary encounter behind Oak Bay High

Three teenage boys were threatened and robbed by another trio behind Oak Bay High on Friday night.

The friends told police they were approached by three teenage boys around 9 p.m. The aggressors threatened to spray them with bear spray if they didn’t hand over their cash, totalling about $14, and cellphones.

“There was a threat of bear spray, but none was seen,” said Oak Bay Deputy Police Chief Kent Thom. “The threat of using something like that is as great a concern as actually having it displayed, even though it’s not seen.”

Investigators have already identified three suspects, but as of Monday, charges had yet to be laid.

“There could be restorative justice considered in this case, or most definitely because of the severity of this incident, there could be criminal charges recommended to Crown (counsel), Thom said. “There’s still a variety of different options being considered.”