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Tour through James Bay a directional challenge

For most of us, Be-A-Tourist-In-Your-Own-Town week is a chance to buy a book of coupons and explore local attractions.

For Victoria Coun. Marianne Alto, the concept presented itself as a  challenge.

"I pretended I was a tourist," she said.

After studying the tourist map provided at Ogden Point, she memorized the suggested turns and embarked on her route toward the B.C. legislature.

But while admiring the houses and streets en route, she missed a turn.

"Because I knew where I was going, I found my way," she said. "If I were a tourist, I'd be hooped."

To solve the problem, she suggested the city investigate way-finding markers through the community.

"I see it as hopefully an economical way to have the route mapped out for them," said Coun. Lynn Hunter, resident of James Bay and council liaison for the neighbourhood.

Residents of the neighbourhood will be pleased if it encourages cruise ship passengers to walk rather than take a taxi or a tour bus, she added.

"It's such a beautiful walk through James Bay and there are lots of historical things to see along the way."

The markers could be as simple as some paint on the sidewalk.

"It could be anything … a little sign or as crude as little shoe marks," Hunter said.

On Thursday, city council resolved to have staff explore the cost of the initiative.