Two more cougar sightings overnight in Saanich

Fourth cougar sighting in Saanich in two days prompts police to put out second warning

Two more cougar sightings were reported Wednesday night and early Thursday in Saanich, prompting the second warning in 24 hours from police about the large wild animals.

At 11:36 p.m., a cougar was spotted at Quadra Street and McKenzie Avenue. It emerged from some bushes and travelled northbound on Quadra Street.

The second sighting, 45 minutes later, came from a motorist who reported seeing a cougar walking southbound on Blenkinsop Avenue near McKenzie.

Police responded to both incidents, but the animal or animals could not be located.

There were two sightings reported Tuesdsay night and Wednesday morning – in the 800-block of Seamist Pl. in Cadboro Bay, and in the 100-block of Batteford Ave. near Tillicum Road.

In the latter incident, police officers attended the scene and saw the cougar. They were unable to contain the cat.

“We put these warnings out simply as an awareness thing. Be mindful of your very small dogs and cats, and that warning does sometimes extend to small children,” said Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

He said in none of the sightings the cougars have been exhibiting concerning behaviour: “This is likely just cats transiting through the area that are seen by people.

“These animal go where the food is. We know a staple for these cats is deer, and by extension, we all know what the deer situation is in our community,” Jantzen said.