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Victoria cruise ship terminal taxi boycott ends

As the cruise ship season ramps up for summer, taxi drivers have ended their boycott of the Ogden Point terminal.

Most drivers belonging to the Greater Victoria Taxi Association have decided to pay the $200 fee to park at the terminal. Initially, drivers refused, arguing the cost is too high.

Negotiations started too late into the cruise season, said association board member Rakesh Kohli, explaining why the association reversed its position.

"We will give them the service this time, then we'll see," said Kohli.

The disagreement started in mid April. When the first cruise ship arrived, only a few independent taxis not belonging to the association arrived to greet passengers disembarking from the ship.

Since then, the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority and the taxi association have met to discuss their concerns.

"While sympathetic to their position, we felt that the $200 fee at Ogden Point is very reasonable," said GVHA spokesperson Rebecca Penz in an email to the •••••News. "The fee is used to help maintain the infrastructure, signage, safety, etc. of the area they pick up."

The GVHA has sold now more than 65 taxi permits for Ogden Point.

"We consider the issue put to bed," said Penz.