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Victoria man commended for saving stabbing victim

Saanich police Chief Const. Mike Chadwick said it shows great courage when someone comes forward to help another person in danger.

A Victoria man was awarded a commendation this week for his instrumental role in saving the life of a stabbing victim in December 2010.

Robert Turner, 41, was driving out of a townhouse complex at 3400 Bethune Ave. on Dec. 19 when he saw a man in the parking lot holding his stomach and bleeding profusely.

With no first aid training, Turner immediately rushed to the man's side, applying pressure to the deepest wound and contacting police.

"My first thought was to get the guy assistance as soon as possible by the real pros, and as his condition deteriorated right there in front of me I really thought this guy was going to die."

The victim survived. Police say that hospital staff advised the victim that the injuries would have been fatal had Turner not gotten involved.

"We're commending Mr. Turner because of his willingness to want to step in to what was obviously a potentially dangerous situation to help a fellow citizen," said Saanich police Chief Const. Mike Chadwick on Tuesday. "That takes great courage and a real dedication to ensuring those in our community who are in danger or in need of help have someone like Mr. Turner who'll come forward."

Turner said he was surprised to receive the award, saying it's an honour to get recognition for a good deed when there is so much bad news in the world.

The suspect in the stabbing faced an attempted murder charge but was acquitted at trial.

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