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February 21, 2022
Marie passed away peacefully on Monday, February 21, 2022 at the age of 74.
Marie was pre-deceased by her son, Richard James Pearson, and is survived by her two daughters Veanna & Victoria, as well as her 6 grandchildren (Richelle, Carly, Christopher, Robert, Matthew & Mackenzie) and 5 great grandchildren (Nathan, Abigail, Ryder, Beckett & Ayla), whom she adored spending time with.
Marie was a woman of profound courage and personal strength. Proud recipient of the Novo Nordisk Half Century Award for Personal Commitment & Diligence in Diabetic Management, Marie was one of the longest surviving diabetics in Canada, living without sight for over 30 years. She could navigate the streets of Victoria (as her granddaughter Carly put it, she was the original GPS!) and could read people as though she had perfect sight.
Against all odds, Marie lived independently, leaving people in awe of her tenacity and inner strength.
She is now reunited with her son, Richard and her beautiful seeing-eye dog and companion, Tayla, whom she loved and enjoyed many years with.
Marie was always grateful for her village and those who took her on her many adventures. Whether it was a trip to Costco, or sliding down a mountain, Marie lived her life to the fullest and will be forever missed by those who knew and watched out for her in her community of Esquimalt.