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Nov 30, -0001 - Nov 5, 2017
Matthew Yvon Conway

Our son, Matthew Yvon Conway, died November 5, 2017 from the disease of addiction.

Matthew was a strong, wonderful, good looking, helping, caring, and hard working young man. He was a true bright light in this world. He was afflicted by this disease and struggled for years to fight it.

Just this last summer he had an amazing time working with his uncle, at a wilderness resort off Vancouver Island. He then moved to Vancouver to follow his true passion to work as a cross fit trainer and manage the gym. He was a strong person and a natural leader. He helped people with fitness and he helped others with addiction.

This disease is very powerful and cunning. It's a problem of silence, secrecy, shame and struggle. People afflicted by this disease are in a constant battle, both physically and mentally. In this day and age, the idea that people have to "hit rock bottom" is unacceptable. Drugs now are so powerful, addictive and poisoned that rock bottom is almost certain death.

Loved ones are dying at epidemic rates. We must, as a society, become more informed about this disease. Stop judging. Stop blaming. Join together to find better solutions for this ever changing world.

Matthew, we miss your bright light. The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.

Judith, Greg, Joshua Conway, Ria Baidwin and family.