A serious threat of war in Iran does exist

Re: Grannies Protest Nonexistent War

Re: Grannies Protest Nonexistent War (Letters Feb.22).

Mr. Hubbard of Esquimalt is the naive one, not the Raging Grannies.

There is a serious threat of a war against Iran if the West were to listen to “raging Netanyahu.” Luckily the U.S.A is afraid to attack as it knows how vulnerable the U.S. bases are. And others want and need Iranian oil.

However much we may dislike the leadership in Iran, Iran has not declared war in any other country in living memory.

The term “terrorist” has lost its meaning as any enemy of a country is now called a terrorist, be they genuine freedom fighters or those out to destroy another country.

I am much more afraid of Israel which has been allowed to have atomic weapons and has invaded another nearby country to support its own warped ideology.

The Grannies are right to request no declaration of war. Negotiations are the route to take. At this time Obama is taking that route.

Christine Johnston