Anti-union column a good argument for unions

Re: Back-to-school labour woes (B.C. Views, Sept. 4)

Re: Back-to-school labour woes (B.C. Views, Sept. 4)

Tom Fletcher’s column accurately demonstrates the merits of a union.

CUPE has successfully obtained a long list of benefits for their members including a starting wage of $17.50/hour with monetary compensation for overtime and additional qualifications.

In addition the employees have secured a pension, a benefits package and paid holidays.

The growing gap between public and private employee wages and benefits can only be closed if private workers accept that the only reasonable solution is to unionize.

While big box stores continue to pay minimum wage and offer no or few benefits it is a mystery why more people don’t take the time to read such convincing articles as Mr. Fletcher’s and recognize the benefits of a union.

The likes of Wal-Mart and McDonald’s don’t even pay a living wage while making huge profits. They are classic examples of companies that perpetuate income inequality.

Let Mr. Fletcher do the whining and the rest get wise. Unionize!

Richard Davis