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Backyard burning no longer acceptable

Langford reader suggests burning regulations for West Shore

What a beautiful May weekend this last weekend was.

It was the first Saturday of sun, where we could have really enjoyed playing outside in the yard and starting our planting.

Unfortunately due to the acrid smoke and ash quite visible all over our neighbourhood we were forced to shut our windows and stay inside. Opening our windows for half an hour led to ash all over the windowsills and the smell of smoke permeating the house.

Langford is no longer a rural township with acres of land between properties. It is about time that council stands up and makes some stricter backyard burning laws for all zones with smaller lot sizes than the RR1 zone.


Allow burning from November to April only and on two weekdays per month, instead of weekends when everyone is home and wants to enjoy outside.


Also, require a free permit to burn so that the fire department has a record of those actually burning and what they are burning.

It is about time that the minority is not allowed to affect the health and wellbeing of the majority of Langford taxpayers.

Lara Allsopp