Canada’s isolation growing

Canada is the only country to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read Mr. Shoesmith’s letter, Canada is not North Korea, April 17 PNR.

He wants to divert us with red herrings from facing Canada’s growing isolation from other countries when it comes to international treaties on the environment.

Canada is the only country to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol. Canada is the only country to withdraw from the U.N. treaty on Desertification in Africa. Canada has closed the Experimental Lakes Area, shutting down all international research collaboration there. Canada has stopped monitoring toxicity levels in our marine environment. Canada does not let its scientists speak freely about their research.

But Mr. Shoesmith does not want us to think about that. He would rather upset war veterans by telling them falsely that Elizabeth May has insulted them. How ridiculous.

My father fought proudly for Canada in the Second World War, receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross.

In peacetime, he loved canoeing and camping in Canada’s pristine wilderness and felt a very strong commitment to protecting it. He was proud of Canada’s leadership at the U.N. and wherever a compassionate, peacekeeping role was needed by countries less fortunate than Canada.

Were he alive today, he would be applauding Elizabeth May and supporting her work.

Jocelyn Gifford