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Church cell tower debate crosses lines

Resident hopes Cadboro Bay United Church avoids erecting cellphone tower

Re: Church working with Telus to install cellphone antenna (News, Oct. 2)

Thanks for this timely article by Kyle Slavin on Cadboro Bay United Church and Telus. I recently bought a house less than 100 metres from the proposed tower. After some research, I became very distressed about the effects of electro-magnetic radiation in such close proximity to my house and that of my neighbours.

The church and Telus will profit greatly from this to the detriment of local citizens, who have no choice or say in the matter because it loosely fits the legal code. I am not against cellphones or cellphone towers, but we really should have stricter codes keeping them out of residential areas, specifically away from children and seniors.

I have encouraged the Saanich mayor and council to have more municipal involvement, local government approval and due diligence from someone outside the telecommunications industry. No one wants a cellphone tower in their backyard.

Gary Henkelmann