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City mayor’s antics seem juvenile

Dean Fortin didn't seem too friendly with other campaign opponents

Attending the Victoria mayoral candidates meeting in Fernwood on Nov. 7, many in the packed room were surprised to witness, at its adjournment, Mayor Dean Fortin refusing to shake the hand of an opponent and offering a limp response to the proffered hand of the other.

Paul Brown and Steve Filipovic, the two candidates challenging the incumbent mayor, presented facts and critiques as one would expect at such a forum.

Brown’s and Filipovic’s behavioir was respectful to our mayor and to those in attendance.

I was disappointed to see that good sportsmanship and manners were definitely lacking on the part of my mayor.

I appreciate that there are competitive pressures in politics.  Still, reasonable people can disagree on facts, and present an opposing opinion without such juvenile antics.

Marilyn Ferguson


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