Community project’s value overlooked

James Bay Community Project, health Victoria

Neighbourhoods at issue: James Bay (News, Sept. 9)

Your article on James Bay was fulsome on the subject of  New Horizons, James Bay Neighbourhood Association and the Community School,  but woefully inadequate in its treatment of the James Bay Community Project.

The JBCP, far from merely offering health programs, (the clinic in fact is now separate) offers services to a wide spectrum of the community, from parent and child drop-in programs in the family centre, seniors events, volunteer opportunities for special needs helpers and for new citizens, help for those in need, free computer lessons by volunteers, help with income tax forms for those who require it, not to mention various offerings of breads, buns, and greens on some days.

And those are just the

offerings that immediately come to mind.

There is also a community library, not a branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library, but a recipient of books from the library exchanged every eight months, and a great many donated volumes as well.

In fact, you could call the JBCP a “health project” in the best and broadest sense of the word – promoting the health of

society – with dedicated staff

and lots of enthusiastic volunteers.

Sharon Russell