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Don’t rush to a decision on Cedar Hill Park

Writer says residents should have an opportunity to decide what's best suited for Saanich parkland

The proposed clay courts at Cedar Hill Park is not an issue about playing tennis on clay versus asphalt or grass, or creating a world-class facility. This is an issue about the rights of taxpayers to decide the fate of their public land and their money.

When the issue of clay tennis courts at Cedar Hill was presented to the public in May 2012, there had been no consideration of other uses for this sizeable piece of land and considerable amount of money. One wonders why  not?

Consultation, collaboration and purposeful use of our collective resources have been left out of the picture. It’s time to take this debate off the fast track and start the conversation again about how this money and space could be used to best suit the majority of the residents of Saanich.

The results of this decision will be with us long into the future.

Suzanne Hamilton


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