Election procedure should be reformed

The way we elect government in this country at any level should be reformed

Re: Letter by E.W. Bopp, PNR, Aug. 14

Obviously E.W. Bopp attended the locker room of Conservative/Liberal political double talk of the old school.

We can only speculate what a Federal NDP government would do. The so-called catastrophic failure of the Provincial NDP results — really, catastrophic?

The way we elect government in this country at any level should be reformed. The popular vote does not elect a party; the first over the post is what is a catastrophic failure in this country.

Facts are based on what we know, not on speculation. The abysmal failure that took North America on the brink of the largest economic disaster since the great depression was the private sector in the USA and far right wing free enterprise.

If Mr. Harper and Ms. Clark had their way every publicly owned asset in this country would be turned over to the private elite. Health and education would be reserved for the wealthy while the rest of Canadians would pay for these through subsidies to quasi-private owned systems.

Canada’s wealth is resource based, so what is wrong with having some social principals around ownership and return on investment?

I don’t support a two-class system which is being driven by the Conservatives (fact not speculation.)

We are standing witness to a disappearing middle class and the Liberal platform immediately following the last Provincial election was exactly what we hear from the Harper Government.

Is it okay to sell off government assets while millions in tax dollars are transferred to operate B.C. Ferries who is getting the largest tax subsidies in their history (20 million in 2012).

The Fraser Institute just released a damning report on Corporate welfare ($22 billion) with little to no return on these tax dollars. The Liberals answer to balancing the books? Sell the people’s assets even if they turn a profit.

This is one Canadian who thinks it is time to adjust the needle back to the middle. Speculation is just that, I live in the real world and I’m sick to death of paying multiple taxes, environment fees, climate fees, outrageous salaries, benefits and expenses to those elected who run on a platform of all Canadians but we live with political progress for the elite.

Jo-Anne Berezanski

North Saanich