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Electric-only cars not the wave of the future

Langford writer opposes government funding of electric charging

The electric expressway is a dead end.

“The electric car is the future,” they first started saying that at the turn of the 20th century, 1900 not 2000. Who will build these cars?

Toyota and Volkswagen, two of the top three car manufacturers in the world, are not interested.

They are leapfrogging the all-electric car and going straight to fuel-cell technology.

In addition, they are expensive to buy and repair. They are not as green as they appear. Resale value is terrible and their safety in an accident is questionable.

All this said, people should be welcome to buy electric cars, and swampland in Florida. The biggest problem I have with them is that valuable government resources wasted building infrastructure for these toys.

Owners feel that somehow they have a right to free power.

All-electric cars do have their place in high-density urban centres, golf courses, circuses and the moon. They do not have place on the highway, cold climates or doing any meaningful work.

Paul Spencer