Florence Lake litterbug’s act riles beach goer

Leaving bags of garbage outside can a thoughtless act, reader writes

On June 23 I found a mess at the beach access to Florence Lake.

This is supposed to be a nice place for people to spend time.

There is a garbage can available nearby to keep it clean, but the mess was right beside the can. Would it have been so hard to actually use the garbage can?

Then again, the container is rather small, so perhaps the bags would not fit.

But it’s hard to believe anyone would be so rude and disgusting as to leave bags of garbage on the beach.

Maybe this person put the bags there thinking they would magically be taken away.

Anyone who thinks about it for a moment will realize bags of garbage with food waste inside will eventually be torn apart by otters, neighbourhood dogs and cats, racoons or birds.

Whoever is responsible for this should be ashamed of themselves, but I fear that anyone rude enough to do this probably has no consideration for others.

Susan Loney