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Fortin’s track record fails to impress

Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin spending

As a taxpayer of Victoria I am very unhappy with Mayor Dean Fortin. Since he became mayor, it appears he is on a spending spree that will not end. The debacle over the Johnson Street Bridge, the purchase of two Traveller’s Inn motels for the homeless, the work that was done on Pandora Avenue. Fortin has taken many costly trips that he says are in the interest of the people of Victoria, but what do the taxpayers have to show for it?

Their approval of the parking garage for luxury yachts in the Inner Harbour against the wishes of many Victoria residents. My property taxes went up almost 10 per cent. I shudder to think what they will be next year.

The businesses and residents of Victoria are very unhappy with his spending spree. Taxpayers cannot afford another term with him as mayor.

Judy Wilson