Good arguments on both sides of speed limit issue

More enforcement would improve compliance, byproduct would be more walking- and cycling-friendly streets

Re: Lack of enforcement weakens speed zone idea (Letters, Jan. 25)

Sad to say, but Keith Sketchley may be right. If Saanich lowered speed limits on residential streets, there would be jerks who speed.

A degree of costly policing would be needed to stop the jerks.

However, many drivers will comply and, over time, compliance can improve.

On the other hand, we should also recognize that Bob Etheridge (Lower urban speed limits accrue many benefits, Letters Jan. 25) is right: there are issues beyond only reduced risk of fatality in collisions.

Importantly, reduced speed on residential streets (many of which have on-street parking and no sidewalks) means that walking and cycling become more accessible alternatives to cars only.

Lowering speeds on residential streets would allow us to begin living together a little differently. We might even say hello to a neighbour whose driveway always used to just fly by.

Greg Holloway