Great news from the tar sands

A tongue in cheek rendition of one Saanich Peninsula reader's hope

“Tongue in cheek.”

Have you heard that the tar sand fields are going to be closed down?

Albertan Premier Alison Redford has decided to terminate all tar-sand extracting in view of the recent unprecedented floods in Calgary and outlying areas which have caused crippling devastation for hundreds and thousands of people.

She is now realizing that it is the oil production and the use of the oil in all parts of the world which are causing the climate changes and consequently fiercer storms and more severe flooding.

Admirably, she wants to set an example for the rest of the world and change the tar-sands area into a Research Centre for the development of renewable and green fuel resources. No more pipe line talks  for Western Canada or Eastern Canada.

You have to hand it to her, Alison is one smart woman. The tar sands extracting industry creates greenhouse gas emission, air and water pollution, the effect of which will be felt by our children, grandchildren and all aquatic life.

Kudos for her and may the rest of the world follow her example.

Ada Serson

Brentwood Ba