LETTER: Awaken to your internal place of power


At the age of 67 and introverted, I’ve contemplated over the years the unfolding world events around me. No more so than over the last year.

If I may be permitted, I believe some important advice is essential to impart at this time: Listen to your heart. Listen to your gut. Listen to your instincts. Don’t listen to your television.

We are being divided, and we are being conquered. Our governments and their trusting citizens have been suckered by the global master manipulators: those interested only in amassing power, wealth, and control. We all know who they are. Whatever they gain, we lose. We are, by their design, reduced to fearful beings fighting amongst ourselves while our human rights are silently falling by the wayside.

Our current situation is just a taste of what’s to come if these global monsters have their way. Most people can sense this at some level but are too afraid or complacent to speak up. Look into yourselves for the truth.

We have the power within us to change this current projection of our reality. With our combined will, we can repel these insidious forces trying to take control of our lives and our very souls. Let us all awaken ourselves to the truth and act from our internal place of power, not a media-induced place of fear.

Bill Needoba



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