LETTER: Coming clean on public washrooms

What does one think of when one thinks of Oak Bay? Character homes, beautiful gardens … How about disgusting washrooms?

I’m not expecting gold-plated faucets when I go to the washroom at municipal hall, but it’s a different gold that one is usually confronted with, with enough toilet paper scattered about to TP a house. While everyone seems up on the latest Starbucks app for ordering coffee, they seem to have missed the app about cleaning up after themselves.

As for cleaning staff, you’d think they’d at least make an effort to tidy things up once a day. But unfortunately, as I’ve observed many a time, this is not the case. And it’s not just municipal hall. I’ve heard similar horror stories about the washrooms at Quimper and Carnarvon parks.

It’s time for Oak Bay to clean up its act.

John Stewart

Oak Bay