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LETTER: Council must listen to residents’ concerns

Two letters in Oak Bay News of Aug. 19 provide even more evidence that council is not attuned to residents’ interests and acting accordingly. However, it may be the administration who are acting as gatekeepers, holding back information and bent on preventing council from interacting with the voters.

A well-managed municipality, espousing fairness and democratic principles, coupled with an open-minded and competent council should welcome as much input as possible. This is in order to arrive at decisions which optimize the benefits for a majority of residents.

The situation in Oak Bay appears seriously at variance. It is small wonder that residents are generally apathetic. What agenda is being pursued and why? What influence is being brought to bear? I am asking that council open up the communications, listen to residents, become actively engaged with the real issues on which they were elected and rein in the administration’s propensity to control.

Graham Ross

Oak Bay