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LETTER: Development squeezing out sense of community in Cordova Bay

Re: “Potential ‘massive’ Cordova Bay development worries residents.”

Re: “Potential ‘massive’ Cordova Bay development worries residents.”

It is, indeed, frustrating to see the changes to Cordova Bay, a community that has always been a family community, small enough to walk or bike around and with services to take care of our daily needs. Despite numerous open houses hosted by the municipality touting a continuing neighbourhood feel, and hard work by volunteers of the Cordova Bay Association, we are losing that sense of community.

The Haro development promised to be a “hub,” a meeting place. Surveys were taken of what amenities were desired by residents. It has been a missed opportunity, with small and medium-sized businesses evidently priced out of the market. So, no grocery store, no dollar store, no coffee shop, and no vibrancy. Has Saanich paid no attention?

Another missed opportunity is the new development of “elegant” (previously listed as “luxury”) condos at the corner of Cordova Bay Road and Fenn Avenue, right across the street from Cordova Bay Elementary (and after-school daycare). Families should be living there!

With the parking lots attracting more developers across the street from the Beach House restaurant, it is no stretch to realize that there will be no restaurant there if there is no parking for it; the property will be sold for the development of more condominiums, with commercial space promised but not at an affordable price for the stores and services we want and need.

I am NIMBY when it comes to residential lots being covered property line to property line with huge homes for the wealthy, interspersed with more condominiums filling our spaces. We need family housing and want a vibrant, inter-generational community. Isn’t that what planning departments should be doing?

Roselyn Jones

Cordova Bay