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LETTER: North Saanich OCP takes a balanced approach to housing

It’s hardly surprising that the letter from Don Enright regarding the North Saanich OCP is flawed. Mr. Enright is against any housing or further development In North Saanich. The last development-driven council was just doing what previous councils failed to do in the past several years, have a gradual infill of housing in the area. It was basically catch up but it did look like over development to most people.

The council of the day is more of a balanced one, where agriculture needs are paramount (ie. Sandown) but they also know that housing is very deficient in North Saanich. They want to strike a balance. They approved the Bakersfield and Lochside projects for Habitat for Humanity and market housing in the last couple of years. Habitat for Humanity was a great success.

I have read the OCP draft and so far there is a good balance which will fit the needs of the people of North Saanich well into the future. People say there is a lack of public consultation and information for people to understand the new OCP. There is actually a ton of information out there. Before the OCP is passed I know there will be a public hearing on the OCP so people can understand and make comments on the plan. North Saanich needs more housing in a well-thought-out balanced way.

Peter Miller

North Saanich