LETTER: Politicians mysteriously quiet on Fairy Creek


Regina vs. Ancient Rainforest Preservationists: Silence pervades our locally elected councillors, CRD directors and chamber of commerce leaders concerning the new War in the Woods erupting in Premier John Horgan’s own backyard – Fairy Creek. Not a word has been spoken in support or against this growing international news story.

Have they all been muzzled? Can’t freely speak their minds, or weigh in on this strikingly, important public issue? Why the silence? Are they afraid to bite the hand that feeds them? Are they all John Horgan supporters?

Sooke’s own town motto proudly declares, “Where the Rainforest Meets the Sea.” Indeed. But, it’s only words. Even the provincially funded Destination B.C. touts Sooke in an online article: “Top 5 Places to Experience the Rainforest in B.C.”

It seems as though the right hands of our elected officials can’t coordinate with their left hands. Sooke could be promoted as the Gateway to the Ancient Rainforest. We have the world-class Juan de Fuca and West Coast Trails, and Avatar Grove. We could also have a fully intact, ancient forest watershed to showcase as a regional and international tourist destination.

Is there anyone of our local elected officials prepared to step up publicly and speak out? Maybe they’re all living in a cave, can’t hear the concerns of their constituents, or have a view. So how does a gateway turn into a blockade of our growing, regional tourism industry?

Mick Rhodes



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