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LETTER: Province should stop funding private schools

Reader says education funding unfair to low-income neighbourhoods

Sad news that the Greater Victoria School District is thinking of taking the music program away from its students. I am sorry to hear any child lose any arts program. The arts provide so much to enrich their lives in the present and the future.

When my kids went through the public school program in the Sooke School District, they lost many things, including the music program. One of my daughter’s science programs did not allow students to take home textbooks to study as they did not have enough to go around. One day I went to the school to help the class print the school newspaper, and we were unable to do this job as there was no paper.


I understand the past few years have been hard, but I think it is time to find public education money by stopping funding of private schools. We need a fairer education for the less wealthy.

One tip I got many years ago from an educator in another district was to fundraise through PAC. Well, I did that for many years and guess what? PACs in a financially secure area will raise much more money than we could in a school in a low-income neighbourhood. Funding is unfair at the best of times. We need equal to more funding in lower-income areas.

I bet many people do not know the provincial government subsidizes private education. I have no problem with private schools, but they should be financed by families that send their children there.

Lynda Slater


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