LETTER: Sick of hearing about homeless

LETTER: Sick of hearing about homeless

I am getting so fed up with hearing about that homeless camp at Regina Park, and especially from ‘career activist’ Chrissy Brett. She and the other one that’s been preaching about the rights of these people and how the public should cater to them should just be ignored! They thrive on publicity, and the media gives them all they want without hearing much from the “against” side.

The “statistics” they give are garbage and only bolster their cause. When is someone going to consider the rights of the taxpayers – the ones that contribute to society, that pay taxes, that have worked their lives for what they have? Mayor Richard Atwell says maybe they should open up more parks for these people. What about the people who live next to these parks? What is happening to society to justify us having to cater to these people and live near their filth?

They don’t care about society why should we care about them? The whole thing is ludicrous and the politicians had better start considering the people that pay their wages ot they’re not going to have wages.

Mike Bartholemew