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LETTER: Time to stop ‘idling’ around

Choosing not to idle is better for your car, saves money and reduces harmful emissions, says reader

You have seen it. Possibly do it. Sit in your vehicle with the engine running while texting, eating or reading.

An idling vehicle produces more emissions than a vehicle in gear driving. We gasp at the climate change causing massive fires destroying communities, our extended fire seasons and drought. We complain about the high fuel prices.

Everything we can do, even in a small way, can help. Simple math bears this out. Multiply the idling vehicles by the thousands on the South Island alone. Every action counts.

There is a no-idling bylaw in the Capital Region, Bylaw 3533, which recognizes the problem. Signs are up at most malls telling us “no idling.” It seems few people know or care.

When I ask someone to turn off their idling vehicle, the usual response is “mind your own business,” laced with crude language. It is all of our business. We are all in this together.

A thank you to the guy in his idling diesel truck who did turn it off when I let him know that his exhaust was surrounding us while we sat outside at the Sooke A&W. We all need to take responsibility for our environment. You will even save some money from your tank.

Armin Sielopp

East Sooke

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