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LETTER: Vaccine delay no cause for alarm

Re: the delay in vaccine distribution. Seeing as how most media types these days are armchair doctors, vaccination and medical experts who in their minds could have done much better than the government in most aspects of the vaccine distribution, I have a question to ask.

Has anyone ever experienced putting something in the mail or ordering something important online and it didn’t arrive on the promised delivery date? And we had receipts, tracking numbers, invoices, customer service people we could speak with, and it was still late on delivery.

So why are we losing our minds when something so enormous, so global, so multinational, so beyond anything this generation has ever faced, doesn’t go quite the way we would hope.

The media needs to take a deep breath and instead of criticizing, blaming, labeling and looking for bogeymen everywhere, concentrate on how fortunate we are to be able to “complain” about things that we knew nothing about just over one year ago.

Folks, we’ll get through this.

Rick Baker

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