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LETTER: Weary of wait for vaccines

Where’s the vaccine in B.C.? Already the first quarter is nearly over. Second quarter, third quarter, when?

We are like sitting ducks patiently waiting. A new variant will cross the border while Ottawa fiddles. It is coming and we don’t know which one, or how to protect against it. Will it be the one from the U.K., South Africa, Brazil, or will it be some other new variant? Perhaps President Biden will allow shipments through the U.S.? When? More likely, he is too busy looking after his own citizens first.

Perhaps we are getting some vaccines from China, or India, or South Korea. Perhaps we are going to manufacture our own? How soon will this happen, while we wait and wait?

How many have been vaccinated, what are the numbers? Our press should be headlining our success rate, we do not hear a thing from our MLAs or MPs or anyone.

Ontario has received 125,000 Pfizer doses and 400,000 more are on the way. When does B.C. expect a delivery and how many?

Help is on its way? When? Announce something please.

Sandra Parsonage

North Saanich