Letter: What base qualifications do you seek in a mayor?

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As we approach the upcoming municipal election in Victoria, should we as voters consider asking a simple question, such as are there basic qualifications or qualities we as voters are looking for in an mayoral candidate?

For some voters in Victoria they might want to know if a mayoral candidate is in a long term monogamous relationship, or if they have children or grandchildren, so that they feel confident that the mayoral candidate has empathy for their own life experiences and needs. For other voters in Victoria they may want to know if a mayoral candidate owns property within the city limits and is therefore contributing to the property tax money they will in charge of spending. And for other voters who are trying to navigate the roadways of Victoria they might want to know if a mayoral candidate uses multiple modes of transportation to get around or if that mayoral candidate only seems to see the world through the eyes of a driver, or a cyclist, or a bus rider.

I suppose that honesty, transparency, competency, open mindedness, and a respect for due process would be qualities many voters in Victoria would like to see in a mayoral candidate as well.

Trevor Amon