LETTERS: Personal responsibility being forgotten

LETTERS: Personal responsibility being forgotten

Today, we hear endless discussion of some people’s needs. Hotels are being bought with taxpayers’ money; there seems to be no end to the sympathy.

Yes, there are genuine cases, but what about personal responsibility; apparently endless “rights” supported by a blizzard of law. Have we forgotten common sense, and simple “guts”? Equal rights — OK; mental health issues — OK. Thence, all physically fit should immediately be conscripted into the regular army, both men and women.

Those with mental challenges promptly admitted to reopened facilities. Homelessness gone, disadvantaging mental sickness under qualified, firm control. Pill-poppers, beware.

As an experienced, disillusioned old man, it is my opinion our “leaders” prefer avoidance of inconvenient truths, instead, foisting the consequences of their spinelessness upon innocent citizens.

Stephen Lamb