Looking for MLA’s help on health centre issue

Seniors could use a hand from Ida Chong on Health Point Care Centre issue

Funny how we haven’t heard a word from Ida Chong regarding the doctor/VIHA dispute at the Health Point Care Centre (News, April 12) that will leave hundreds of vulnerable seniors without medical coverage. This dispute became public months ago.

However, until the election was announced, not a word from Ida. Nice to see our government rep is right on top of things.

Then we have Premier Christy Clark’s amusing kitchen table family chats, when she talks with a straight face about the NDP’s reckless spending.

How could that happen when they have not been in power for 12 years? It’s fearmongering at its best.

Which party was it that increased the deficit over the last decade? What ever happened to truth in advertising? I guess that does not apply to the Liberals.

Tell a lie often enough and some people will start to believe it. No wonder the public are fed up with the Liberals.

Elizabeth White

Oak Bay