Many deer being maimed by vehicles

Re: Cull protesters crossed the line (Nov. 27, Our View)

Re: Cull protesters crossed the line (Nov. 27, Our View)

I saw a doe on the second hole at Uplands golf course recently dealing with a broken front shoulder.

Today it was a fawn with a broken front leg. It is the sixth deer I have seen on the course this fall with injuries from automobiles, besides the three dead ones at roadside on Cadboro Bay.

Kudos to Oak Bay for taking action dealing with the deer bonanza.

Saanich and Victoria will have to get the gumption to act as well if this effort is to have an impact, since deer do not respect municipal boundaries – they don’t even read the signs well as to where to cross the roads.

The bambi-huggers who bleed kindness have never seen a crippled deer die. And they should be sanctioned for marching on the Oak Bay mayor’s home during their petulant parade.

My wife says there were no deer around when she grew up in Oak Bay in the 1950s. Seems that we were here first. It is time to reclaim our yards, parks and fields.

Rob Watson