Many questions asked of provincial NDP

Voter's sentiment unsure as parties platforms mulled

Let me say out front that my heart is with the Greens, but for practical reasons I may vote for the B.C. NDP, as defeating the B.C. Liberals is that urgent.

I’ve been trying to ascertain where the NDP stands on many environmental issues, but have been getting long, yet vague responses from my MLA and the party in general.

Here’s what I’d like to know: will the NDP immediately close down or remove all fish farms, possibly replacing them with on-land certified organic containers, like they have in Ireland? Will they end all fracking for liquid natural gas? Will they protect all forests and provide forestry workers with alternative employment?

Will they oppose all pipelines and tankers carrying Alberta tarsands bitumen? Will they protect our agricultural land reserve? Will they protect Shawnigan Lake and all lakes, rivers, streams and the ocean from toxic runoff?

I hope the News will give all our local candidates a chance to address these issues. If the NDP continues to be vague with their answers, I am certain they will only encourage more people to vote Green.

Helene Harrison