Negative attack ads pointless in campaign

Political parties should stick to the issues, debate them for public consumption

Every provincial election, a few “experts,” “pundits” and “concerned citizens” emerge to proclaim negative advertising will save us all and we should cast our vote according to their political persuasions.

While polls may indicate that negative ads influence some voters, I find them silly, offensive and downright annoying. They are a waste of time, an infringement on my TV viewing and a huge waste of somebody’s money.

Let’s stop the foolishness of these negative ads and let voters determine which party they want to govern the province for the next four years. So let the games begin – let’s have all the political parties advance their platforms and get on with debates to determine the feasibility of each of their positions, as they apply to major issues.

The voters will then assess the results in their own minds and will indicate their decisions at the polls based on common sense, not from fear-mongering advertising.

Martin Battle