Oak Bay man is seeking a Good Samaritan

Returned cane brings renewed faith in human kind

On Wednesday, April 10, when armed with several bags of shopping, I left my much-treasured silver-topped walking cane at the bus shelter by Connie’s Petites in Oak Bay village, and when I returned sometime later, it was no longer there.

My search then involved unsuccessful enquiries at several businesses nearby and I must thank everyone I spoke to for their generous concern and willingness to help.

Because the cane has my name and address on it, I was assured by all that it would surely be returned by the finder, but must admit that I was somewhat sceptical.

A bad loss day was suddenly transformed into a very bright one when subsequently I found that during my absence a very kind gentleman had rescued the cane at the bus stop and even taken time to bring it to my home.

However, in her delight, my wife omitted to take note of his name and address.

I would of course, very much like to meet the good Samaritan concerned and therefore ask if you sir, would please telephone me when convenient so that we can arrange to meet and I can shake your hand and thank you personally, for enabling my reunion with an important and supportive old friend.

Derrick Johns

Oak Bay

Editor’s note: Please contact the editor at 250-480-3239 or email editor@oakbaynews.com for Mr. Johns’ contact information.