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Oil spill risks not worth perceived benefits

Cash incentives for citizens, as in Alaska, aren't enough to entice British Columbians, says Victoria resident

Re: Many benefits of oil pipelines (Letters, Jan. 3)

Joe Sawchuk's comparison of waking up each day to the risk of a personal tragedy or death to the admittedly real risk of an oil spill is really an apples and oranges thing: illness, accidents, old age and death is inevitable, we all know this (though many of us live in denial of it).

On the other hand an oil spill is an avoidable event that will impact generations of people, animals and plants, whole ecosystems, the planet as a whole. Could $1,108.45 (the annual income Alaska residents receive from the Alyeska Pipeline) a year in our pockets ever make up for this?

We are talking about people's livelihoods, for generations, wiped out. What could we possibly buy that would be of more value than a healthy Earth to pass on to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?

Most British Columbians, thankfully, feel that there is no other option. And if the proposed pipelines are ever approved, I will gladly donate my $1,108.45 to First Nations communities and lawyers for the court battles.

Nancy Issenman

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