Physician/politician defends his record

Philip Ney explains his reasoning for speaking against UN Agenda 21

I will let my service to this community stand in response to Murray Sinclair’s gratuitous swipe at me (Letters, March 29).

For many years I have freely provided effort on the Greater Victoria School Board, Camosun College council and many societies, treated hundreds of the most disadvantaged and mistreated children and their families and participated in the political process at all levels.

I would ask Sinclair, has he ever attended special UN meetings and realized that its myriad recommendations, policies and agendas were not determined by democratic vote, and that the federal government endorses most of these without any debate in Parliament?

How does he explain why the UN stopped clamouring “overpopulation” and now warns of “population implosion?” Has he any advice for the economists who have no idea of how to run a free-market economy with a declining population?

What will he do when, due to shrinking demand, he loses his job and finds there are insufficient taxpayers to support a decent lifestyle for those on welfare? Has he paid attention to the advice of a wise man who said, “Listen most carefully to what you do not want to hear?”

Philip G. Ney